Human Resources Department
Principles we value:
At the North Okanagan Shuswap School District, we care about the people who work for us and we do all we can to make sure we have a safe, healthy, productive and equitable work environment. We are committed to treating all individuals with respect and dignity. It is every single person’s responsibility to achieve and maintain a positive and progressive learning and working climate. We welcome each person’s individual contribution.

We are committed to:
Respect and dignity for all. A fully inclusive environment. A culture of non-violence. Parental Involvement. Community Involvement. Supporting the Community. A tobacco-free environment.

These principles guide the delivery of the Human Resources Department services:

• a service orientation
• a culture where the pursuit of excellence is worthy of attention and support
• an atmosphere that nurtures creativity and innovation
• a commitment to lifelong learning and focus on development
• engagement of all employees in the school district’s success
• integration of fun, satisfaction and celebration in our work
• enhancement of leadership capacity and building on employee strengths
• maintenance of an atmosphere of cooperation and team work

Director of Human Resources: TBA
(250) 804-7841 Email

Human Resources Manager: Nathalie Labrie
(250) 804-7843 Email

Human Resources Advisor (Support Staff):Andrea Stofanik
(250) 804-7842 Email

TOC Dispatcher/HR Clerk: Leian Landstad
(250) 804-7837

Administration Assistant: Tracey Ward
(250) 804-7841

Last Modified: Nov 28, 2017